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Based in Singapore, our clients were looking to prepare for their return to the UK in a few years’ time and looked to purchase a UK property worth £750k to live in when they moved back.

With both incomes derived from Singapore dollars, the clients required a lender who was comfortable lending to UK expats living abroad and use the SGD incomes when assessing affordability. To fund the remaining part of the purchase, they also intended to refinance an existing investment property worth £320k.


Using our knowledge of the market and our extensive range of contacts with various lenders, our consultant was able to source a lender who had a presence in Singapore and therefore was happy to lend using the foreign income, provided they could afford the mortgage with their foreign expenditure factored in.

Further to this, our consultant was able to raise enough funds against their existing UK property, by using a specialist UK building society, to ensure the clients could purchase their desired home without using all their savings.

Our consultant was able to arrange a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 1.89% for the residential mortgage, and a discounted variable rate of 3.25% for the refinance of the investment property.

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