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    Mortgages with Private Finance

    We’ve spent more than twenty years helping doctors and other medical professionals overcome complex mortgage-related challenges. This extensive experience – along with our close industry relationships with specialist lenders – will allow us to arrange a bespoke mortgage solution that accounts for your unique financial circumstances.

    • Self-employed doctor
    • Senior Consultants or surgeons
    • Own your own practice (director or LLP)
    • NHS and Private Practice work
    • Newly qualified doctors, junior doctors, and locum doctors

    How do mortgages for doctors and other medical professionals differ from standard mortgages?

    For some doctors, it may be possible to access special terms and exclusive rates. This is due to many reasons, including increased likelihood of employability, job stability, and higher earning potential.

    Unfortunately, high street lenders tend to regard mortgages for certain medical professionals as ‘complex’. In practice, this means they may not be able to assess your income in the correct way. Many doctors often have variable components to their income and it can take a more knowledgeable lender in the field to fully account for these variables. Other lenders may misinterpret your gross income, thereby reducing your borrowing power – or maybe even leading to an unsuccessful mortgage application.

    Advice from a mortgage specialist can increase your chances of a successful mortgage application, allowing you to borrow more and, ultimately, find a better mortgage deal.

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    Mortgages for Self-Employed Doctors

    We recognise the complexities associated with being self-employed, including fluctuating income, variable expenses, and intricate tax structures.

    Our mortgage consultants are well-versed in the nuances of self-employment and understand the financial considerations specific to your profession. We can help navigate these challenges to find the right mortgage solution for you.

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    Mortgages for Locum Doctors

    As a locum doctor, the freedom and flexibility of choosing when and where you work may sometimes pose challenges when it comes to securing a mortgage. Your employment and financial history are important, and many lenders will require evidence of income over the previous two years.

    However, there are other lenders that can take a more flexible approach and only consider income between six months to a year. We’ll help you identify lenders that are most amenable to your unique circumstances.

    Mortgage Tools and Resources

    With our online mortgage tools, find the information you need using our helpful guides, information on the best mortgage rates and handy mortgage calculators.

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