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    What our clients say

    Specialist Large Loan Mortgage Broker

    As a specialist large loan mortgage broker, we have the expertise, the experience, and the industry relationships to tailor the right mortgage solution for you.

    Here are some of the reasons why our clients trust us with their large mortgage needs:


    We’re an independent, whole-of-market broker, with strong ties to both High-street and Private Banks, as well as specialist lenders too. These relationships allow us to negotiate bespoke, ‘outside-the-box’ solutions for our clients.

    Peerless Service

    With an average rating of 4.97/5 from more than 1,800 reviews, we offer a peerless client experience. We’ll insulate you from the stress of the mortgage process, so that you can stay focussed on your day-to-day priorities.

    Holistic Expertise

    From mortgage broking to wider financial planning, our consultants have a deep, holistic understanding of the financial markets. They’ll use this expertise to understand the finer nuances of your situation – and then negotiate a tailored solution that’s right for you.

    Expert mortgage advice you can trust
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    Large Mortgage Loans

    The definition of a large mortgage loan varies between clients and lenders. While one lender may consider £20 million as large, for another it could be £500,000.

    As a firm, we consider loans exceeding £1 million as large – the threshold at which certain Private Banks open their doors.

    • High-Net-Worth Exemption Mortgages

      Lenders can adopt a more flexible approach and relax affordability rules for regulated mortgages granted to high-net-worth individuals. The FCA defines high-net-worth individuals as those with an annual net income of at least £300,000 or net assets of at least £3 million.

    • Securities-Based Loan Options: Lombard Loans

      Lombard loans are a type of secured loan that allows individuals or businesses to borrow funds by using their existing financial assets as collateral. These assets can include investment portfolios, stocks and shares, or other securities. Lombard lending is commonly offered by private banks and financial institutions to high-net-worth individuals and can be a good option for those with significant assets but limited income.

    • Non-Standard Income

      As mortgage specialists, we possess the expertise to handle complex mortgage applications for clients with non-standard income or multiple income sources. We are well-versed in identifying lenders that consider non-standard income when evaluating mortgage affordability. This could include onshore and offshore trusts, personal pensions, bonuses, dividends, and commissions.

    • Large Interest-Only Mortgages

      Interest-only large mortgage loans can provide significant financial flexibility, allowing you to maximise your cash flow and invest in other opportunities. Our experienced consultants arrange bespoke interest-only large mortgage loans that suit your specific financial situation.

    • Large Buy-to-Let Mortgages

      Obtaining a large buy-to-let mortgage for high end properties requires expert guidance to secure the most favourable terms. Certain lenders assess buy-to-let mortgages differently for larger loans and adopt a more flexible approach when assessing rental income and stress tests. They will consider your net worth, personal income, and ability to cover interest payments during void periods.

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    Large Mortgage Loan FAQs


    • Why is it more difficult for a high-net-worth individual to secure a mortgage?

      Many high street lenders prefer to focus and cater for the more straightforward cases. High-net-worth individuals often have more complex financial situations than the average borrower. This complexity can make it difficult for lenders to assess their risk accurately, resulting in more stringent lending requirements and often higher interest rates.

    • What is the minimum deposit required for a large mortgage?

      The minimum deposit required for a large mortgage varies depending on the lender. Some might seek a 40% deposit due to certain factors, while others might accept a deposit between 5% and 10%, if satisfying their other requirements.

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