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    What is a Commercial Mortgage?

    A commercial mortgage is a type of loan for individuals or business owners used to purchase or refinance a commercial property – this also includes mixed use properties and land. In contrast to residential mortgages, commercial mortgages fund a property purchase for business activity, rather than a property you plan to live in.

    There are two types of commercial mortgages:

    • Owner Occupied Mortgages

    This is used to purchase property where you are the owner and this will be your trading premise.

    • Commercial Investment Mortgages

    This is used to purchase property you plan to let out.

    Commercial Owner Occupied

    Owner-occupied commercial mortgage, also known as a business mortgage, is used when a property is being purchased for the buyers own business to trade from.

    Commercial Investment

    For individuals and companies looking to buy or refinance commercial property and generate income by renting out the property.

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    A semi-commercial (or mixed-use) mortgage is used to purchase or refinance a property that has both commercial and residential elements.

    Commercial Bridging Loans

    For individuals and companies looking to buy or refinance commercial property and generate income by renting out the property.

    What types of property can a commercial mortgage be used for?

    A commercial mortgage may be used for a variety of commercial premises including:

    • Retail outlets and hospitality
    • Office buildings and warehouses
    • Industrial units and factories
    • Block of flats and HMOs
    • Guest homes and B&Bs
    • Nursing and care homes
    • Dentists, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies, and veterinary practices
    • Agricultural Land

    Commercial Mortgage Lenders

    Commercial mortgages are complex. They require specialist advice and lending. Due to their complex and bespoke nature, there are no pre-packaged ‘off-the-shelf’ options.

    High street lenders

    High-street lenders cater to the wider market and due to this scale, they can offer competitive rates. Individuals may find these lenders lack the flexibility required for their needs, though they only represent a small percentage of the lending available.

    Specialist banks

    Specialist lenders generally concentrate their business towards specialist lending including commercial mortgages, compared to high street lenders who cater for a wider range of customers. Private banks and specialist providers may offer a higher degree of flexibility in their lending criteria.

    As a specialist mortgage broker, our consultants will help tailor your mortgage to your needs, budget, building and business type, as well as open the doors to private banks and specialist lenders who can offer more flexible solutions and better rates than high street banks.

    Expert Commercial Mortgage Advisers

    As a specialist independent, whole-of-market mortgage broker, we have the industry expertise and commercial lender connections to tailor the right commercial mortgage solution for you.


    Relationships in the commercial mortgage market are key – many commercial lenders only communicate through a broker or intermediary such as Private Finance. Using our strong lender ties and industry expertise, we pair you to the most suitable lender, opening the doors to better rates and terms.


    From mortgage broking to wider financial planning, our consultants have a strong, holistic understanding of the financial markets. They’ll use this expertise to understand the nuances of your situation – and tailor a solution that works for you.


    With an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 from more than 1,800 reviews, we offer an outstanding client experience. We insulate you from the rigmarole of the mortgage process so that you can stay focussed on your investments.

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